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Dominio Vale do Mondego

A one of a kind property with great business potential for sale in the Serra de Estrela, central Portugal





Serra da Estrela

The estate is surrounded by numerous natural hiking tracks with great scenery spots from the mountains and forest land in the Serra da Estrela Nature Park.

Invite your friends

to enjoy the beauty and share this paradise with you. Start your B&B tomorrow. Create your Business Nomad Foundation. Anything is possible.
Even if you want to create a Festival, all the equipment is in the storage.

Everything you need

Lots of space, nature, buildings, cabana’s, swimming water, soil, olive trees, etc.

The principal farm house, named Quinta da Portela, has been renovated. Private source for excellent drinking water with pump going 120 m deep. State of the art electricity throughout all the buildings, renovated in 2016 . 7 septic tanks.

A total of 750 m2 of buildings

25 minutes walk

18 Ha of beautiful nature with hundreds olive trees. This film is 25 minutes and starts in the lower right part of the Estate.

BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURAL PERSPECTIVE The biodynamic farming activities can be refined creating a bigger role for each component: Olives: The olive groves have proven themselves again this year with a very good production. The confidence that the result has been achieved through the 11 year biological-dynamic method and the loving attention in the developed ‘company-organism’ gives confidence for the future. We pay even more attention and care to the existing centenarios (the hundred-year-olds), new plantings and the far-flung of the company to catch overdue maintenance in terms of tree care. The production can therefore still increase, without significant additional costs. The harvest and the post-harvest are technically optimal and contribute substantially to the unique product quality of our Demeter certified olive oil. Vegetable garden: This concerns the market garden, where, in addition to vegetables, herbs and (small) fruit, more product processing can take place. Regional sales via CSA subscriptions are possible. In combination with our own olive oil, therapeutic products can be made such as St. John’s oil, Calendula, CBD & CBG hemp oil and almond oil etc. Sheep: sheep farming is given a new impulse, because the herd is an integral (grazing & manure production) and an inspiring part of the company organism and is inextricably linked to it. The natural ‘living’ cycle within the company requires closeness. The company is open to landscape, biotopes, atmosphere and the cosmos. Bees: BD beekeeping by Jose Pires Veiga Seed: For Living Seeds Sementes Vivas S.A. Demeter certified seed is grown on contract. Fruit: Planting substantially more cherries, almonds, apricots & blueberries and 0.5 ha of grapes is advisable. Viticulture: The viticulture gets more status. Both terraces with grapes are expanding. The location is ideal, the availability of irrigation, by the ‘exposure’ (morning sun) much and much ‘terroir’. The wine production and of course aguardente. All items for wine production are locally cheap available..


For over 12 years activities and programmes have been developed in the area of art, culture, nature and biodynamic agriculture at Quinta da Portela. Either as initiator or in cooperation with third parties. There were workshops on felting, eco-dying, mixed media, poetry, dance, yoga, botanical and philosophical convivia, singersongwriter, astronomy, mindfulness, theatre, biography, cultural heritage, harvesting, sculpting.

A small scale theatre festival took place every summer during the last 10 years

The property offers excellent facilities for further development of Rural Retreat weeks, alternative weddings, tailor-made events like masterclasses, trainings and the like..

The property entails the following:

Principal Farmhouse

Annex lagar / guestroom & kitchen

Casa das Pombas

3 Annex Studio-rooms

3 Pavilion Studio-rooms

Atelier & Stotages

Rural Campsite & Bathhouse

18 ha of land.

Fully equipped kitchen

everything you need to make diner for two or 100 persons.

18 hectare estate with bio-dynamic farm and great opportunities as Rural Retreat & Ecotourism in the Serra da Estrela Mountains.

With the retirement of the biodynamic farmer and owner of the property we would like to meet interested and motivated people to buy the property. For over 12 years the farm has been certified organic and Demeter biodynamic, producing mainly olives for extra virgem olive oil, and with a large vegetable garden, orchards, and seed propagation. Culture and nature have always played an integral part of the farm, which is very suitable for ecotourism, workshops, retreats and residencies.

Price: € 950.000.



Eelco Schaap & Catharina Sligting

Quinta da Portela

6300-095 Faia, Guarda


tel. 00-351-962 072 204 / 961 771 572


Please contact us for more information or to schedule your visit.