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The Estival is a unique festival. A week-long location theater in the olive grove, from Dutch cabaret to Fado.
Then there is the summer bar, where you can spend the day and enjoy the energy in the evening when the Dj takes over the program. During the day, the artists present will give a workshop on their subject. It is a festival with delicious food and bottles of wine on the table.
In short, a festival week for the pleasure of life.

Dining at long tables

Every day there is a sumptuous breakfast buffet, fresh, nutritious lunch, and a delicious three-course dinner. The food is of a high standard at the Estival. Naturally, with organic products. They were prepared by an enthusiastic team driven by a professional cook. Guests, artists, and volunteers eat side by side; we don’t have a backstage.

The estate is our stage

Each evening there is a theater performance in the olive grove. Complete with professional light, sound and seating for guests. We use the whole estate, so every night it is a surprise where we walk. Location theater under a million stars, it remains a magical moment every time. Photos atmospheric images from previous editions. . 

Guido Weijers
Silvester Zwanenveld
Simon Mulder

Honest food  

It has been a trend in the past few years at more festivals, at the Estival we have spent 9 years paying a lot of attention to the food. No quick bite, but a three course menu. We quickly announce who will be the cook of this year who will be preparing everything with an enthusiastic team.

Dineren met ondergaande zon 
Vers en biologisch


For nine years we have organized the Riverhike in the middle of the week, on Wednesday. After a nice 1.5 hour walk we arrive at a Roman bridge where you get lunch. We go into the river and go five kilometers to the next Roman bridge. Through the Faia pub you will come back to our estate. An unforgettable trip that is still being talked about for a long time. So don’t forget to bring your sneakers with you.  

Start riverhike, vanaf de brug gezien.
Riverhike Businessclass



Henk van Twillert

Locatietheater in olijfgaard
Harry Glotzbach
Show op dans-strand
Show in de Dome
Dans dorpsplein Faia
Poezie met Absint, Simon Mulder
zomer-bar overdag
elke ochtend yoga
transfer bus
Voor de riverhike
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